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Organize and play your albums, it's really easy


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AlbumPlayer arrives to our computers in order to help us organizing our music collection. It can create collections of CDs , organize albums and even prints covers.

If you want to play any song or album, you only have to browse through your covers, it's very simple and fast.

AlbumPlayer supports drag and drop for albums or tracks. Furthermore, you can forget bout writing all info about your songs, they will be automatically added thanks to an internet connection, as well as their covers.

A caching mechanism makes it possible to store all your albums on CD, but keeps your most frequently played albums on HD. A skin editor is included.

Finally, if you have a account, it can automatically connect it with no plugins and use your touchscreen in order to use AlbumPlayer.

It's one of the best audio players and organizers we have ever tested.
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